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Camshaft Choices: Understanding the Best Cam Options for Your Engine

In many ways, the camshaft is the unsung hero of an engine. It dictates the power delivery, how an engine behaves, and the overall performance. Whether you’re a seasoned auto enthusiast or just starting to get into engine tuning, understanding the different camshaft options and how to choose one for your vehicle is crucial for optimizing your engine’s capabilities.

The Basics of Camshafts

The camshaft's primary function is to control the opening and closing of the engine's valves. This simple yet crucial task directly influences engine performance. The camshaft's profile, known as its "cam," determines valve timing, lift, and duration.

Types of Camshafts

There are several types of camshafts available, including:

  1. Stock Camshafts: Often found in factory engines, stock camshafts prioritize a balance between fuel efficiency, reliability, and performance. They're designed for everyday use and might limit the engine's potential for high-end power.
  2. Performance Camshafts: These aftermarket cams prioritize performance by providing increased lift and duration compared to stock cams. They're tailored for enthusiasts who are looking to get more power out of their engine without sacrificing drivability.
  3. Racing Camshafts: Engineered for high-performance applications, racing cams prioritize top-end power. They feature aggressive profiles that allow maximum airflow—but they can sacrifice low-end torque and smooth idling.

Factors Influencing Camshaft Choice

When selecting a new camshaft, it’s important to consider the following:

  1. Intended Use: Consider how you'll use your vehicle. Daily drivers benefit from a camshaft that balances power and drivability, while track cars might lean towards high-performance or racing cams.


  1. Engine Type: Different engines react uniquely to camshaft changes. A naturally aspirated engine might require a different cam profile compared to a forced induction (turbocharged or supercharged) one.


  1. Vehicle Modifications: Complementary upgrades such as intake and exhaust modifications can influence camshaft selection. Making sure the components work synergistically together is crucial for optimal performance gains.

Choosing the Right Camshaft

Camshaft selection is a critical aspect of engine tuning, influencing overall performance characteristics. Whether you want enhanced low-end torque, top-end power, or a balance between the two, understanding the nuances of camshaft options is key.

At RPM Engines & Machine, we’re experts at helping you choose the best camshaft for your engine and driving needs. With over 40 years of experience in engine modifications, you can rely on us to provide a tailored solution that enhances the enjoyment of your vehicle.

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