Rohnert Park Auto Repair

Head Porting

The art of head porting is designed to make your engine function with less work. The idea is to allow air and fuel in and exhaust out with a higher level of efficiency. At RPM, all of our porting start with a valve job in order to make sure all valve seats are cut correctly for optimum flow characteristics. When your engine has an easier time breathing, it can turn that into power. It does that by filling the cylinder more efficiently, therefore giving better volumetric efficiency.

Porting heads correctly involves making sure the porting is done to match the other components that are going into your engine.

Street Porting

Street porting start with a valve job. The valve seats are blended into the heads. Minor pocket porting is done behind the valves and into the head, focusing on the short side radius of both the intake and exhaust ports.

Performance Porting

Performance Port includes the services of Street Porting, plus also blending the pockets into the runners of both exhaust and intake. Performance porting can also sometimes include blueprinting of the intake manifold to match.

Race Porting

Race Port include the services done for Performance Porting, with the addition of a full and complete porting of all runners in the heads. Both intake and exhaust and are worked from entry to exit. Special attention is paid to all mating surfaces to be sure everything is lined up correctly.

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