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Debunking Myths About Remanufactured Engines

Have you been on the fence about having a remanufactured engine installed in your vehicle? Remanufactured engines are often misunderstood or surrounded by myths that don't accurately reflect their actual performance and benefits. To help you decide whether a remanufactured engine is right for you, here's a breakdown of some of the most common myths and

Myth 1: Remanufactured Engines Are Lower Quality than New Engines

One common misconception is that remanufactured engines are of lower quality compared to brand-new engines. However, remanufactured engines undergo a rigorous process that involves disassembly, inspection, replacement of worn or damaged parts, re-machining, and reassembly to meet or even exceed original manufacturer specifications.

At RPM Engine & Machine, we follow strict industry standards and employ skilled ASE-certified technicians to ensure that the engines we remanufacture are high-quality and like new. We use superior parts and materials that surpass OEM specifications. In addition, we also provide a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.

Myth 2: Remanufactured Engines Have a Shorter Lifespan

Another myth is that remanufactured engines won't last as long as brand-new ones. When properly remanufactured, engines perform exceptionally well and have a lifespan comparable to that of new engines. The key to longevity lies in the quality of the remanufacturing process and the parts used. With the right maintenance and care, remanufactured engines can provide reliable service for many years.

Myth 3: Remanufactured Engines Are Not Environmentally Friendly

Some people assume that remanufactured engines aren't environmentally friendly because they involve rebuilding old engines. However, opting for a remanufactured engine is actually an environmentally responsible choice. Remanufacturing reduces waste by salvaging and reusing engine components that would otherwise end up in landfills. It also saves energy and resources that would have been used in manufacturing a brand-new engine.

Myth 4: Remanufactured Engines Lack Performance

There’s a misconception that remanufactured engines won't perform as well as new ones. However, when done correctly, remanufactured engines can deliver excellent performance-in fact, it's not uncommon for your vehicle to drive better with one of our remanufactured engines than the initial day it came from the factory. They're remanufactured to factory specifications and undergo quality testing to ensure optimal performance.

Myth 5: Remanufactured Engines Are Not Cost-Effective

Some believe that the initial cost savings of a remanufactured engine are offset by higher maintenance or repair costs in the long run. However, when compared to the cost of purchasing a brand-new engine, opting for a remanufactured one can be significantly more cost-effective. Moreover, our warranty means any potential issues can often be addressed without additional expenses.

For High-Quality Remanufactured Engines, Turn to RPM Engine & Machine

Remanufactured engines are an excellent option for drivers looking to replace their engines without breaking the bank. Could your vehicle benefit from a remanufactured engine? RPM Engine & Machine is here to help! We have a team of skilled machinists with more than 60 years of combined experience. From custom engines and rebuilding to welding and precision machining, you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today at (707) 387-9200 to discuss your engine needs!


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