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How to Choose Camshafts for Performance

Choosing the correct camshaft for performance depends on what your specific performance goals are. Are you looking for more power, additional torque, or better fuel mileage? The most important question is to ask yourself what you intend to use your vehicle for most of the time. This way, the performance is maximized for your intended use. After answering this question, our experts can craft a plan to provide you the exact performance you’re looking for.

There are additional important variables that go into choosing camshafts for performance. Another step that needs to be taken, is to address how many cams your vehicle has. For example the Chevrolet Corvette has one camshaft. Many Ford F-150’s have four.

Something worth mentioning here is that though it is important all of the time, it is especially important after installing aftermarket camshafts to only use high quality oil, and stay up to date on scheduled maintenance. Aside from maintaining maximum performance of your vehicle, keeping its value high, and avoiding unexpected breakdowns, it’s critical for your newly installed cam to function. The camshaft is sensitive to lubrication and uses engine oil pressure to advance and retard timing. As you can imagine, using anything other than high quality oil during your oil changes would result in damaged parts. At RPM we only supply high quality oil.

Staying up to date on maintenance is made easy at RPM. Our service advisors will inform you which services your vehicle is due for, and when, upon inspection during your oil change.

Overall, the best way to choose camshafts for performance would be to schedule an appointment with us, or come in to discuss your performance goals with our team. After seeing your vehicle and its current modifications, we can then discuss which camshaft installation is right for you, the cam profile, degreeing the camshaft, and the results you’ll see and feel from this exciting modification.

From dyno tuning, to custom engine builds, to head porting and beyond, we are here to give your vehicle the excellent performance you’re looking for. Give us a call or stop by today to discuss your goals for performance camshafts. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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