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Increase Cars Engine Horsepower

Looking to increase your vehicle’s horsepower? RPM Engines and Machine is here to help! Our team of experts specializes in increasing your vehicle’s horsepower. There are various options for you that are customized to meet your needs and goals for your vehicle’s performance. In this blog, we will look at a few options.

Installing Bigger Valves or Quick Exhaust Valves

With appropriate space in the combustion chamber for bigger valves, installing bigger intake and exhaust valves may be a good fit for your vehicle in order to achieve the thrill you’re craving. This installation requires cylinder head porting in order to achieve maximized power of the newly installed valves. Another option is to install a quick exhaust valve on your pneumatic cylinder. The quick exhaust valve directs the air leaving the cylinder into the atmosphere, instead of flowing back through the directional valve. This valve reduces wasted energy, which saves energy use and wear on your parts. Reducing wear on your parts is a great way to keeping your horsepower high and where you want it after your performance adjustments.

Different Pistons

A high-performance aftermarket piston can greatly increase the performance and horsepower of your car. One great part about aftermarket pistons is that we can order them to be a higher compression ratio than your vehicle’s factory installed piston. This achieves more power production while simultaneously reducing exhaust gas temperatures. This alone most of the time drives horsepower and torque up by four percent. We can also manipulate a piston to use a shorter piston pin, which reduces weight. This lighter weight piston allows your car’s engine to comfortably run at a higher RPM and even makes it more responsive. These are just a couple of ways to increase your vehicle’s horsepower with different pistons. By scheduling an appointment, so that we can take a look at your specific vehicle, we’d be happy to share additional piston ideas and modifications with you tailored to your specific vehicle.

Head Porting and Polishing Cylinder Heads

Head porting is a huge component to adding horsepower. Depending on your vehicle, 20-30 horsepower can be added just by the process of cylinder head porting. During the process we’ll attend to your vehicle’s exhaust ports, inlet ports, valve throat pocket, valve seat, combustion chamber, and more. Give us a call today to learn more about our head porting.

There are many ways we can increase the performance of your vehicle! Give us a call today to discuss your performance goals and our friendly advisors will help you decide the best method to achieving them.


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